Can I sell all kinds of Fishing Rights here?

This portal only manage Commercial Fishing rights. You must own the rights you are selling. The rights must be transferable so you must also have the right to sell these rights to an other fisherman. You must check with the authorities in your country if you have the right to sell these rights and what the rules are.

Does it cost anything to put an ad for trade of fishing rights at your website?

No, it is free to register a deal at our webpage, but if you have made a deal with someone for these rights you have to pay a fee of 0,5% of the deal amount. Same goes for the buyer.

What are the rules for my country?

We have added the rules for some countries to this web-page. We will continue to update the page with rules for more countries. Look at these pages and also contact the fishing authorities of your country, because our presentations are only guidelines. If you can’t find the rules for your country here you can send us an email and we will try to add that country to the list.

I am an EU Fisherman can I buy fishing rights from another EU country than my own?

In theory you can but it is more complicated than buying within your country. Click on the EU flag on main page under Rules to get more information about this.

What is the difference between temporary and permanent transfer of fishing rights?

Temporary means that you can obtain a certain quota for example for a year. After that year the right to the quota goes back to the original owner. It is like a lease. Permanently means that the quota is transferred for ever or as long as the quota rights are valid. The length for these rights varies from country to country.

If I scrap my vessel can I sell tonnage and kW separately?

Within EU the normal routines are that you can sell both tonnage and kW independent of each other. But you must do it within a year of the day you took your vessel out of the EU fleet.

Can I bid for only part of a deal?

Yes you can, and then it is up to the seller to accept it or not. When you bid you enter a price and the quantity you will bid for.