Buy & Sell

Transfer of Fishing Rights:

Fishing rights service offers an easy and simple way to find both sellers and buyers.
This is how it works in 5 Steps:

Step 1: Register on the marketplace.
Both parties have to register on the marketplace. You say what you want to sell or buy and how much money you have in mind. This is free. You will also have to confirm your email address. Trading will be done between fishermen/companies from the same country.


Step 2: You receive an offer
The offer can be on the amount that you wanted or on another amount. The offer will come to your email. Then you can accept it or give an offer of your own. When both parties are content about the price the deal is closed.

Step 3: Confirm and fulfil the deal
In order to fulfil the deal and to reveal the name of the other buyer/seller each party pays the fee of 0,5% of the agreed sum (min 100 Euro).This can be done easily with PayPal service from your PayPal balance, bank account, or credit card. This is done with no extra fees for PayPal.

Step 4: Information to Seller and Buyer
When both seller and buyer have paid their fees they will receive all information about the deal in order to apply for the transfer at the National Fishery Board. Information on different national requirements can also be found on the webpage. National application forms are also available for some countries. Please check what the requirements are from your national Fishery Board.

Step 5: Apply for the transfer
The last step is for you to send an application for the transfer to the national authorities managing the fishing rights. If the authority does not approve of the transfer for any reason both seller and buyer are entitled to receive 50% of what they paid to In this case you apply for payback and enclose the rejection from the authorities. But hopefully you will get the rights. Read more about requirements for your country on the information pages.