About Us


From having fishery as a free right for everybody more and more countries have started an effort or rights based management of their commercial fishery. These rights can often be sold to other fisherman when the fisherman having the rights will change his focus or by any other reason.
Fishingrights.eu is managed by the Swedish company Nautic Assist.
Nautic Assist has been working for over 20 years with system development and support for fishery systems both in several EU countries but also in Turkey, East Asia etc.
During our work within Fisheries we found that there is a lack of self-managed portal for trading Fishing rights. Our hope is that this portal will meet the requirements from the fishing industry of being a place where these rights can be traded easily.
We will do our best to update and maintain information on fishing rights in different countries.

These rules differs also between different EU-countries so our descriptions are only hints and you are always obliged to check the rules in details at the fishery authority in your country. Information on where to find more information will be provided. If you don’t find information regarding your country or have information you want to tell us please contact us by email, preferably in English or Swedish.

Mail us at: info@fishingrights.eu